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Five Tips to Consider When Building Your Home Office

24 septiembre, 2020

The house is a sanctuary for rest. It is where you rest after a long day outside or invite friends for some coffee and snacks. But then the pandemic came and turned the world upside down: Now the home is also the office. It is where you rest and grind.

Working from home has its perks. But it also presents some disadvantages like having to readjust what it means to work and lounge in one place. The overlapping world of work and home can be a little disorienting, especially if the floor space is limited. Having housemates is also a source of distraction.

That overwhelming feeling

You might also be wondering why you are always tired even if you are just “sitting at home” anyway. There’s no more commuting time, too. It turns out that feeling this way is typical, according to this Forbes article. Having no control over the situation as well as living a more intense life where you have to juggle multiple roles in a day can be overwhelming.

But the article also said that you need to take control of your surroundings -- at least some of the things that you can reclaim. One of these is having a workspace where you can be free from distractions -- whether they are chores or family members.  

Taking over your workday

Having a space dedicated to getting things done would help you to stay focused as you go about your day.  Here are some tips about how you can make this work so you can work:

1) Choose the right space -- Look around your home. What part of it is the quietest? It can be your garage or closet. Sometimes, adjustments have to be made so you can have a workstation. Do not establish your workstation in common areas like the lounge or living area where housemates hang out.

2) Keep everything organized -- This Inc. article claimed that a  messy desk is a sign of being a genius. Then there is the perennial thought that an organized desk is more apt in promoting focus and concentration. You can choose which side you are on but staying organized does have its perks. For example, if you have crazy cable and wires hanging around, there is a bigger chance of accidents or unplugging the wrong gadgets. It can be time-consuming if you have to search for files or documents on your messy table. It’s best to stay tidy by installing shelves or drawers for more storage options.

3) Get the right furniture -- The times are uncertain with the virus still looming over our heads. So it pays to stay healthy even if you are working. Ergonomic furniture will help you to stay in great physical shape as it encourages you to stand and sit in the right position. If you already have an existing desk, you don’t have to throw it away! You can purchase a standing desk converter so you can still use your old desk. 

4) Light up your workstation -- You can place your workstation near a window so you can get a nice view and your daily dose of vitamin D. This vitamin protects you from the influenza virus as per the Medical News Today. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that it’s likely that flu viruses and the virus that causes COVID-19 will both spread this fall and winter.

If this is not possible, make sure that there are enough ambient and task lights to help you see clearly. Subpar lighting is associated with eyestrain as per this article from Small Business Trends. To fix this, you can install overhead LED bulbs and table lamps to illuminate your workspace.

5) Personalize your space -- Don’t forget to add razzle-dazzle in your home office! You can personalize your workspace so you can have fun while working, too. Even if you have a small space, you can maximize the area by mounting floating shelves where you can place your trinkets. Choose furnishings that fits your current home aesthetics.

Balance your work and home life

The daily struggle to stay grounded during these days is already taxing. Just remember to take it one day at a time so you can stay sane and productive. Let your home office be a testament of how you learned to adapt to today’s challenges.