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I bought a flexspot after trying a standing desk at work. I must say I LOVE my Flexspot. Assembly was trivial - just sliding the keyboard try into place. it works like a charm and my back feels much better already.

Craig Silver

I adore this standing desk. Its metal frame is width-adjustable so I can just change my desktop anytime! I look forward to using their bamboo desktop because I am really into buying sustainable products! And anyway I really like switching things up so if I decide to change the desktop size in the coming months, I can simply adjust the width of my existing frame. That’s pretty cool and saves me money, too!


I really appreciate the standup desk's advanced all-in-one keypad with three programmable presets. I love the face that it can save three preferred heights! Now I am really contemplating if I should get an underdesk bike so I can push for more ergonomics in my home office. This desk is a really great investment for me since I started to work from home. Kudos to FlexiSpot for this wonderful product!


I work from home and have been struggling with back pain from sitting all day and finding it difficult to find time to work out. My FlexiSpot that I ordered on prime day arrived on Monday. Took 3 minutes to set up and I'm obsessed. I'm on it all day when my meetings don't require video (or too much talking). For email and deck writing it keeps me focused on energized. I'm thrilled.

Vicki Haber

If you need more space, this sit-stand desk is the answer to your problems. This height adjustable desk's frame moves up and down smoothly so that you don't have to wait as much. Besides, its motor moves really quietly so you do not have to worry about waking up your pet or kid every time you move! It is really worth every penny. I highly recommend this desk to everyone!

Kelly Day

This sit-stand desk rocks! The standing desk's three-stage legs allow for an extended height range to accommodate 99 percent of the population. I share this desk with my partner and I know that it can be frustrating if this table cannot accommodate both of our preferences! Me and my partner are a bit taller than the usual and this desk can really work for both of us. it really is ideal for the shortest and tallest people, or multiple users.

Harlie Briggs

This sit-stand desk is so easy to operate and I am not even techy! I love the fact that I can sit and stand whenever I want with just a click of a button. This is really a game-changer for me because I really saw the difference between this one and my old desk! This is way better! Get one for yourself! It's too good not to be in your home office.

Ana Isaza Carpio

This sit-stand desk ensures a smooth and comfortable height adjustment experience! It's just the greatest investment for me since the shelter-at-home order took place and I have to start working from home. I realize that for the sake of my health, I needed a standup desk and am glad to say that FlexiSpot really made it happen for me. Now I experience less body pains and my mood has improved too.

Camellia T.

I put on a lot of effort to decorate my home office. I bought a large desk so I can put all my office essentials in one place. Now the problem was that I was sitting to much that my back hurts. I was stuck: I do not want to let go of my desk but I know I needed a sit-stand desk. Luckily the Alcove Riser solved my problems!

Aileen S.

I love working in my kitchen! It's just my zone, you know? And it's a plus factor that I am near to my coffee maker and snack cabinet while I work. I bought an Alcove Riser so I have an option to sit and stand while I work in my kitchen. I feel healthier now that I have a sit-stand desk in my home office/kitchen. I highly recommend it to my friends!

Edward T.

Now that I work from home, I decided that my home office should be a sanctuary! I love the fact that I can work from there and still make it a place where I can relax. Having the Alcove Riser is also great because I can work while standing and sitting! I have never been happier and healthier while working. I just stand up when I feel drowsy in the middle of the day. It just keeps my energy flowing!

Bram S.

I love having a tidy desk. This keeps my creativity flowing throughout the day. Now I am happy to say that the Alcove Riser allows me to do that because it has enough space for my equipment, supplies, and even books. I also bought a resting pad so my wrists stay comfortable while I type away. I also like its minimalist color which blends so well with my current aesthetics!

Migs H.