Electric Standing Desks: 3 Reasons You’ll Never Go Back to Crank!

17 julio, 2020

When it comes to ergonomics and standing desks, it can get a little overwhelming with all the different designs and options available in the market. While standing desks have only recently become a staple for most fans of ergonomics, adjustable standing desks have become the newest and latest innovation in ergonomics. The perfect standing desk is all about finding the perfect height. You need to have your screen at the proper eye height range to ensure that you’re at the right position for your posture and eye comfort. To compute the right height for your desk you can check the ergonomic calculator, it computes the most sitting and standing position for you and is based on your height.

Being able to adjust your workstation is the key to proper ergonomics, which is exactly why adjustable standing desks have become the latest craze. With this however comes the question, what’s better an electric standing desk or a manual crank standing desk? In this article we’ll be looking at the top 3 reasons you should switch to an electric standing desk.         

Electric standing desks are all about allowing you seamless and effortless movement. The great thing about electric standing desks is that they’re designed to provide you with a hassle free ergonomic experience. The convenience that comes with electric standing desks like the FlexiSpot Height Adjustable EC1allow you to switch positions at a push of a button. Unlike manual crank standing desks that require you to exert effort and take you away from your work, electric standing desks allow you to stay focused. With features like automatic reminders and programmable presets to ensure that you get the proper position at the right time throughout your workday, you can easily and effortlessly insert ergonomics in your life.

Not all electric standing desks are created equal and some are quite pricey. With the electric standing desks from FlexiSpot however you can discover the wonders of an electric standing desk at under £400. Some of their desks like the FlexiSpot EC1 and FlexiSpot EN1 are even cheaper than most manual standing desks in the market. And while these prices may be cause for celebration, you may be thinking to yourself that there’s a chance the quality of these products might not last you a long time. Upon looking into these FlexiSpot products and reviews, this is far from anything you should worry about. FlexiSpot provides all their users with a 5 year warranty for all their height-adjustable standing desks. This proves that these electric standing desks are not only sold at great prices, they are also made with great quality- a true value for money product.


Although we’ve already mentioned the convenience of some customizable features, it’s important to take a deeper look into these customizable features to really understand the ergonomic impact of electric standing desks.

One of these features is the automatic reminder, this is a reminder system that lets you know when it’s time to sit or stand throughout the day. Not all electric standing desks have this revolutionary feature, but the FlexiSpot E6 has it available for you!  As ergonomics experts will tell you, switching positions throughout the day is important in order for you to maintain focus and energy. If you find yourself engrossed in work, this is an especially helpful tool to allow you to make the most of your adjustable standing desk.

Another important feature to look into is programmable presets. This allows you to find the perfect height and save it as a setting you can get to at a push of a button. As mentioned earlier, it’s important to find the right height for you and with this setting, you no longer have to guess each and every time you adjust your desk. Set up your desk with an electric standing desk like the FlexiSpot EN1 to 3 ideal settings that work best for you.

The 3 C’s are the key!    
Now that we’ve taken a quick look into what makes an electric standing desk the perfect height-adjustable ergonomic product for you, always remember the 3 C’s we’ve covered today when it comes to shopping for what works best for you. For more options on the best electric standing desks for you check out these top of the line products at Flexispot.