Top Tips for the Perfect Home Office

17 agosto, 2020

With the current global pandemic forcing the majority of us to work from home, having a working and efficient home office could mean the difference between productivity and the sheer lack of it. With loads of different ergonomic designs, office decorations and furniture flooding the market, finding exactly what you need for the perfect home office can be overwhelming. In this article we’ll be sharing with you our top tips to help ensure that you achieve the perfect home office for you! Before we dive right into it, remember that the key to achieving the perfect home office is by always keeping in mind that it’s all about creating a workspace that works for you and all your needs.

Personalize Your Workspace!

When it comes to achieving the perfect home office, the first tip we’ve got is all about owning your space. Personalizing your workspace has been proven to encourage creativity, boost morale and productivity. Make your space your own by adding photos, inspirational quotes or even adding some plants in your home office. Based on research done by the University Exeter, adding plants to your workspace can increase well-being by 47%, creativity by 45% and productivity by 38%. Whatever you may choose to do, own your space to make it your own, adding an extra touch of home in your home office can ultimately help you when working from home!

Upgrade Your Desk
Now that you’ve personalized your workspace, it’s time to upgrade the most important aspect of your workspace- your desk. Your desk is the most central aspect of where you work because it’s where you get your work done. For this home office setup, look into upgrading with the use of ergonomics. Ergonomic height adjustable desks and standing desk converters allow you to stand while working, a great way to ensure stability and focus while working from home. Standing at certain times of that day has been proven to help improve focus and help relieve the pressure of spending long hours sitting down. It also helps encourage better posture and lowered risk of health risks that comes with the sedentary lifestyle of sitting too long. If you’re not sure which ergonomics desk upgrade works better for you, don’t worry, we’ll help you decide!

Height Adjustable Desks
Height adjustable desks are the perfect option to consider if you’re thinking of completely replacing your desk. For one of the best ergonomic height adjustable desks in the market, consider the FlexiSpot EN1 Standing Desk. Designed as one of the most lightweight ergonomic desks in the market, it’s equipped with a strong motor and built-in keypad that allows you to switch positions at a push of a button. Apart from the smooth and stable adjustments, this height adjustable standing desk is also equipped with a large high quality desktop, more than enough room for you and all the things you need to stay busy and productive.

Standing Desk Converters
If you’d like to keep your desk but would still like to enjoy the benefits of ergonomics, consider getting yourself a standing desk converter. For a standing desk converter that provides you with the proper support, consider the FlexiSpot AlcoveRiser M8. Designed with a dual x-shaped frame, it’s made to provide you with the best ergonomic stability, even as you switch positions. It’s also inclusive of a large keyboard tray to help support your laptop. Easily switch positions with it’s pneumatic lift system which ensures smooth and stable transitions while you work to help keep you focused and efficient.

Find What Works For You!

With these simple tips, we hope we’ve helped you in your journey to unlocking the perfect home office!  Always remember, the key to the perfect home office is all about finding the right tools that work for you. Whether you’re working home for now or permanently, always remember that ergonomics is all about creating workspaces and environments that work for your needs.