Single Motor or Dual Motor Standing Desk: Which One Is For You?

11 junio, 2020

Common sense dictates that power is the main difference between the single motor and dual motor standing desk. But a closer look reveals that there is much to it: There’s adjustment speed, load capacity, ease of assembly and maintenance, aesthetics, and cost. These are important points that must be considered before buying a height adjustable standing desk for your office.

It pays to do your assignment first because a height adjustable standing desk is an investment in your home office. If you buy the right ergonomic equipment for your workstation, working from home will be a healthier and more enjoyable experience.

If you are ready, continue reading the article as we dig deeper into the differences of a single motor and dual motor standing desk.


The Important Pointers

1. Adjustment Speed and Load Capacity

-- Speed and capacity can vary according to the material and overall makeup of a standing desk.  Some brands offer a wide portfolio  of products such as FlexiSpot with its signature Loctek Motion frames. This means that whether you opt for a single motor or dual motor standing desk, you will still enjoy the perks of having a superior ergonomic product in your office.

But for the sake of numbers, let’s do a comparison. FlexiSpot’s single motor desk can adjust 1 inch per second while the speed of a dual motor frame can be 1.3, 1.5, or up to as much as 3.15 inches per second.

As for the weight capacity, the single motor supports up to 154 pounds, while the various dual motor models can lift things that weigh 176 to 220 and up to 275 pounds.

But wait -- here’s a plot twist. This might surprise you. While it may seem that the dual motor standing desk frame looks like the clear winner in terms of numbers, the single motor models showed high consistency. This means that after placing larger and larger amounts of weight on the desk, the single motor’s lifting speed stayed relatively similar throughout.

On the flip side, some dual motor models did not disappoint. The dual motor frames that did offer better consistency were better suited for lifting loads that meet and sometimes even exceed the manufacturer’s stated capacity.

In general, dual motor frames are the best fit for users who tend to have more items and higher weight loads on their desks.

2. Assembly and Maintenance

Okay, so you are a one-man team now that you stay in your house to work. The assembly part then becomes tricky because precision is essential in the assembly process. If you opt for dual motor desks, this would leave less room for error because each leg has its own built-in motor. Single motor standing desks require the alignment of a hex rod from the shared motor to each leg. Now, if that sounds complicated, you might just opt for the dual motor.

But consider this fact: While two motors offer greater power, this also means double chances to fail. By any chance that one of the motors of the unit is a lemon, this can result in an uneven adjustment. Before buying, ask for the brand’s warranty and maintenance services since there is no designated workplace expert to help you out. Unless, of course, you find joy in doing DIY projects.

 3. Aesthetics

If you have a penchant for design, you might want to think hard and long on this pointer. A dual motor standing desk’s motors are somewhat hidden within rectangular boxes located above each leg column, while the motor or motor cover in a single motor sticks out. 

Instead of using one larger and more powerful motor, dual motor frames use two smaller motors so that they can fit within the width of the leg. Because of its sleek appearance, most people find a dual motor frame more aesthetically pleasing.

By and large, modern standing desks are now more aesthetically pleasing than their predecessors. Even if you go for a single motor or dual motor, you can make them work double-time as a functional and beautiful addition to your home office. Look at this FlexiSpot single motor model and dual motor unit to know what we are talking about.

4. Price Tag

It would not be surprising to know that a single motor standing desk frame is more affordable than a dual motor frame. If you are thinking about the cost repairs once the desks are past the warranty period, note that single external motors are easier to replace if needed as they’re more accessible.


The Final Say

There you have it -- a detailed comparative analysis to help you take your pick. With FlexiSpot’s warranty and commitment to the utmost quality, you cannot go wrong with whatever you decide to purchase. The choice is yours to make now.