Multitasking and Desk Bikes

16 octubre, 2020

If multitasking is right up your alley, you have a knack for performing many tasks at the same time. You can talk while you drive or while you are baking. You can finish a sandwich while typing. But there is a catch: This Harvard Business Review article does not agree that you are doing more when you multitask. Meanwhile, this Forbes article even said that it might damage your brain.

However, there is one exception to this: Doing tasks while pedaling. A study conducted by the University of Florida showed that those who pedal and try to finish a cognitive task improved their speed.

In the same study, the researchers looked at the performances of people with Parkinson's disease and healthy older adults. They said that while the Parkinson's group cycled slower, the healthy group cycled about 25 percent faster while doing the easiest cognitive tasks.

The pedaling became slower with more cognitive tasks, however, this speed was not any slower than when they started without distractions.

Another study showed typing performance and short-term memory do not deteriorate when people cycle at about 30 percent of their maximal external power.

It is easier to work on a desk bike

To note, the study is only limited to desk bikes. Working on an elliptical or treadmill desk can be more distracting. In this Shape article, one of the experts who led the study for the University of Florida said that “cycling is a lot easier than walking because you do not have to manage balance demands since you are sitting, and you do not have to move your feet independently”.

What are the different desk bikes out there?

Different desk bikes are being sold in the market today. Before buying anything, familiarize yourself with the different desk bike models that would meet your needs.

  • Also called an exercise pedal or pedal exerciser, an under desk bike is a pedaler that you slide under your workstation. If you want a high-quality under desk bike, you can try this under desk bike from FlexiSpot.
  • A bike and chair combination is a pedaler with a seat attached. This device is best used with a height-adjustable desk riser.
  • Meanwhile, a desk bike has the whole enchilada: It is like a stationary bike with a work surface where you can place your gadgets. You can explore FlexiSpot’s home office height adjustable cycle desk bike to get the ergonomics and exercise that you need.

Health benefits

As it stands, working out has many benefits for the body. But not everyone has the stamina to do intense training or has enough space in their home for a dedicated exercise workspace. Also, if time is an issue, having an office bike can help you squeeze in more workout without sacrificing any task or chore.

Here are more benefits that you will enjoy with a desk bike:

1. It improves your physical health -- If you have a desk job, you might not be aware of how much time you spend sitting. Sitting is dubbed as the new smoking because sedentary living brings a host of health risks. Cycling can reverse some of the effects, as constant movement promotes blood flow and prevents fluid retention.

Just like any regular workout movement, cycling also improves heart health and reduces the risk of diabetes. It is more recommended for people with chronic pain because it is a low-impact activity.

Logically, since you move more, you also burn twice as many calories as you would at a traditional workstation. Cycling will help decrease body fat even as you do not leave your workstation.

2. It enhances your cognitive abilities -- You have more energy when you work out! An improved level of energy can help you concentrate more and stay motivated to power through the day. With this kind of alertness, you can be better at decision-making, problem-solving, and have a refreshed sense of creativity.

3. Cycling can improve your mental health -- If you feel a little down in the dumps, you can just pedal away while you work. This CNET article said that exercising triggers endorphins, endorphins, dopamine, adrenaline, and endocannabinoid -- brain chemicals that are associated with feeling happy, confident, and less anxiety and stress.

Cycle your way to a better body

If you think cycling is your best bet, then go ahead and pedal away! The great thing about having a desk bike is that you can get your workout without having to disrupt your schedule. You do not have to feel overwhelmed about choosing between two activities. Additionally, a bike desk will help you achieve a healthy version of your body without having to leave your home.  Remember that there is no single equation for staying healthy. The key is to keep moving whatever happens.