Footrest: The Low-Key Accessory That You Need in Your Home Office

26 octubre, 2020

Okay, so you have an ergonomic desk that adjusts to different height settings. And you also bought a chair with all the trappings of what a modern chair should be. The setup looks perfect as your back and neck are completely supported.

But the question now is -- how about your feet and legs? Do they also get the ergonomic support they need?

It is so easy to forget that your feet and legs also need some tender loving care. Taking the time to assess the needs of your legs and feet is beneficial because it aids in mobility and in showing your real emotions. According to this Psychology Today article, the feet and legs manifest emotions and are often more reliable than facial movements.

Our feet and legs are honest sources of what you truly feel. They can show fear, nervousness, anxiety, romance without having to fear any judgment. Think about it: When you feel scared, your feet and legs brace for a faster pace in walking. Feeling tense before a big presentation? Your legs and feet may shake before and after your demonstration. It is amazing how the powerful duo can tell so much with their actions.

Your legs and feet change with time

Now the question is -- how do you show your care for legs and feet now? Do you give time to protect and assess their condition? This is an important matter as the changes in the body also affect the legs and feet.

The feet, in particular, undergo many changes. Harvard Health Publishing said that your feet change as you age. By 30s, there might be a loss of resiliency in your muscles, tendons, and ligaments. When you hit your 40s, you might experience some foot pain and problems that stemmed from the foot structure weakening that began a decade ago. In your 50s and beyond, the feet’s fat pad becomes thinner, which can prompt the formation of calluses and corns.

Show your love with a footrest

Having healthier feet and legs will help you to lead a high-quality life. One of the things that you can do is to buy a footrest to increase comfort as you work. Regardless of age, consider investing in a footrest if you sit or stand for long hours for work.

What is a footrest anyway?

A footrest, which is also called a footstool, supports and elevates the feet. But there are two kinds of footrests: One that is designed for comfort or living room settings while the other is for office use.

Benefits of having a footrest at work

There are myriad benefits of using an ergonomic footrest while you work. Here are some advantages that might make you purchase a footrest for your workstation:

1. Footrests support active sitting -- It is not a secret that sitting still for long hours is bad for your health. If you have a footrest under your desk, you can do slight movements for active sitting. With a rocking motion, you can keep your legs moving and your blood circulating, which will help you to have more energy throughout the day.

2. With a footrest, your back will have more support -- A footrest will help you to have better posture while sitting, which reduces the risk of lower back issues.

A footrest will help you to avoid slouching, which puts pressure on your desks, low back, and neck, a source told The Post. If you slouch for minutes or hours, you will develop poor posture, which can lead to pain and reduced productivity. According to this source, it is also the leading cause of disability among employees under the age of 45.

3. Footrests can lessen the pressure on your feet and legs -- Using a footrest while you are seated can help reduce the pressure on your legs and feet. Even if you are wearing heels or boots, a footrest will help your feet to stay in a neutral and comfortable position with less fatigue.

Features that you should check before buying a footrest

Check out these factors before you invest in a footrest! There are so many designs out there, but here are the common features that you need to mull over before making a final decision:

  • Size -- A bigger footrest offers more space for movement, plus it can accommodate a wide range of leg posture choices.
  • Stability and comfort -- Opt for a footrest that is firm and well-built. If you want a quality footrest complete with cushions, check out this product.
  • Mobility and portability -- A footrest should allow for rocking motions so that the feet can move around. Don’t want a bulky footrest? Try this under-desk foot hammock so you can bring it anywhere!
  • Height and angle adjustment – There are different models of footrests out there but choose one that would meet your personal needs.

Look after your body

Just by using a footrest, you can experience better ergonomics in your home office. A footrest offers understated health benefits for a sound body that can meet the demands of life.