Desk Or Tables, Which Is The Best for your home office?

02 junio, 2020

Setting up a home office workspace involves a lot of big decisions and a lot of small ones. When it comes to furniture, there is hardly any decision bigger than whether to get a desk or table. We look at both choices and compare and contrast.

First off, what are desks and what are tables?

In a sense, there is little difference between a desk and table. They both generally have four legs, and they are usually used for the same purposes.

Tables vs. Desks

A table is a piece of furniture that has a flat surface. It has four legs and can be used for a variety of purposes. A desk is just like a table, but the only difference is that a desk has a storage option usually beneath the flat surface.

Let's check the pros and cons of these two kinds of furniture.

Pros Of Tables

Why should you get a table instead of a desk?

  • Tables are often larger and useful for a huge number of people. You can easily bring chairs around tables and make it useful for multiple people at once.
  • Tables usually come with sets of chairs that match their style and design. This way, if you're designing your home office, you wouldn't need to get a separate chair.
  • It's easier to buy any number of sizes and designs of tables. They are more flexible options, and you're certain to find a style that will fit into your ideas of a home office.
  • Tables are very versatile and can be useful for a number of purposes. They can switch from being a place of games to a place to study very quickly.

Cons Of Tables

It isn't all rosy. There are also fairly convincing reasons why you shouldn't get tables.

  • Unless you get a coffee table, a table won't come with any storage space.
  • Since it's large and makes it easy for people to crowd around, it can make concentration very difficult
  • A table has no dedicated storage space, so it's easy to get your things moved away carelessly when someone else wants to use the table
  • Tables are usually quite heavy, so it makes it a herculean task to rearrange the room.

Pros Of Desks

There are plenty of reasons why you should consider getting a desk!

  • Desks are usually small, so there's always the impression that they belong to one person. That way, it's more unlikely that family or friend would crowd around it and make it difficult for you to concentrate on work.
  • Desks come with storage space, so they make it easier for you to arrange your things and declutter your workspace.
  • While desks don't usually come with chairs, this can be a great thing. Because they don't have custom chairs, it makes it easier for you to get ergonomic chairs that will easily fit in and make your job so much easier.
  • Like tables, desks come in a number of styles and sizes, so you'll have no problems finding one that matches your budget and style.
  • Studying or working regularly at a desk will help your mind associate the space with work, and will allow you to concentrate easily. This way, you're certain to increase productivity.
  • Some desks have special functions. For example, there are desk risers that allow you to work while standing.
  • Desks are usually only comfortable for the person sitting at them. It's rather difficult for others to be comfortable when crowded around a desk. This means that desks are not ideal for collaborative work.
  • Desks generally have only one use. Once they've been set up in the home office or workspace, it's difficult for them to be moved and be used in other places around the house.
  • If you want a flat surface where you can eat and do a number of other stuff, then a desk may not be the right product for you.

Cons Of Desks

So there you have it.

While we won’t be forcing you to go with any, we do know for sure that by now, the best option for a great and well personified working experience is very glaring to you.