Curved Desk vs. Rectangle Desk: What are the differences?

16 junio, 2020

Just as you think that you know everything about height adjustable desks, there comes along a new detail that you must consider anew. Maybe you have done your research about pricing, surface finish, or height and load capacity, That’s great. We move on now to choose the shape of your potential new desk.

What is the best desk for you?

You can choose between the classic rectangular edge or the one with a slightly curved edge. They both deliver ergonomic relief to your workstation. You can further narrow down your decision making by considering some of the factors below. 



When it comes to comfort, this desk with a curved edge provides a room for your wrist, avoiding strain and possible carpal tunnel. Designed with an optimal reach zone, avoid leaning forward unnecessarily and help improve your posture. Ensure comfort while you work and see your productivity levels increase!


Meanwhile, the hard-straight line of the regular desk design comes with benefits too. For example, this desk with a rectangular top is a basic height adjustable standing desk that allows you to transition from a sitting to a standing position with ease. The rectangular desk also comes with multiple desk size options for any and all your needs! You can even choose the type of material it’s made of;  from bamboo, glass and more. With a multitude of options, you can easily customize your desk.    



   This depends largely on the buyer’s taste. Of course, there’s some sense of novelty in working on a desk with curved edges. It looks modern and stylish. But if you want something more on the classic side, the rectangular shaped desk is the piece for you.



If you work in a compact space, this is something that you should consider. The curved table will give you more space to tuck your chair in because of its curved edge. However, because of its straight line, a rectangular desk will not provide the same space-saving alternative for you.


Which shape is your best option?

Whatever desk shape you choose, know that investing in a sit-stand desk is beneficial for you in the long run. If you find it difficult to choose, contact your brand’s customer service so you can figure out what you want. It won’t hurt to ask and think things over. 


Staying healthy

Adding ergonomic furniture to your office will keep you healthy as you add more movement to your day. When you put your wellness first, you can expect positive body changes to come around the corner. Some changes involve an improved posture, better mood, improved productivity, and fewer body pains. With these tips, choose the best desk for you!