Achieving the farmhouse style for your home

27 octubre, 2020

Have you been thinking of redecorating your home? One design inspiration is farmhouse aesthetics, so you can channel country living wherever you are.

You might be thinking that the farmhouse design is a bit kitschy. That’s understandable. Many homes use heavy designs with farmhouse elements. But you can steer clear from this by just getting the essence of the design while incorporating modern touches here and there.

The right mix of rustic and modern design will elevate the overall look of your home. The spirit of the farmhouse look will give your abode a cozy and homey look, while the modern elements will make sure that the design is updated.

The first step would have to be to check your home’s setup. Are there parts that already reflect the farmhouse look? Some examples would be exposed to wood surfaces or barn doors. If you are starting from scratch, you might have to look for design inspirations that are parallel to your current home.

Practical tips

According to The Spruce, a farmhouse should have these three factors: Practicality, charmingly mixed furniture, and should have nostalgic value.

When it comes to practicality, The Spruce said that nothing should be too delicate or precious to at least be reminiscent of earlier handy and hardy farmhouse decors. A home that is decorated in this style should also have unique flea market finds or heirloom hand-me-downs combined with new pieces.

When it comes to mixed furniture, it has to be noted that too-coordinated furniture is a no-no. It should look like the furniture was bought from several shops or at least not to be explicitly matchy-matchy. It is not like anything goes, but it is more like pieces should come together naturally (even if it was planned). ‘

Then there should be that hint of homeliness and nostalgia. You can check out flea markets for rustic antiques. It might be an old stool or shelf that can house your books or accessories. How about a vintage armoire that might double as a pantry or coat closet? Those old-timey pieces will add character to your space.

Decorating ideas

Now that you have some tips on the concept, it is time to get more specific with the things that you would need to have in your farmhouse. Here are some elements of decor that you might want to explore as you build your dream house:

  1. Reclaimed wood -- Wood shipping pallets are beautiful and easy to manipulate in that you could create masterpieces with them. Want something already premade? Elmwood offers wood countertops and tabletops as well as wood beams.
  2. Exposed wood beams -- These are great for an added dose of nature in your home. You might want to install some if you don’t have them yet, as they also add distinct architectural detail.
  3. Apron sinks -- Nothing spells “country kitchen” like apron sinks! Shake things up with shaker-style cabinets, and you are good to go.
  4. Butcher block -- Butcher block tables or countertops exude rustic charm like no other. You can use this as a kitchen island if you want a more relaxed look.
  5. Vintage furniture -- As said earlier, vintage furniture will surely give off a nostalgic vibe. You do not have to fill your home with vintage furniture, but having some here and there would be a great idea. Pair your vintage table with a new sofa or table. Mix and match furniture for that extra layer of history and personality.
  6. Using natural fibers -- Bring the outdoors inside your home and use finishes made from wood, linen, and hemp fabrications.
  7. Look for unique fixtures -- Modern farmhouse design can make use of eccentric fixtures like dramatic pendant lights or weathered faucets. You can also use a sofa or chair slipcovers with unique textiles to refresh the look of your living room.

Use restrain to avoid kitsch

It is easy to slip into country style kitsch when you go heavy-handed in your design. It is easy to go overboard and have farmhouse interior design mishaps. You might have to step back once in a while and reconsider what you put in different spaces.

Play it up with contrasts

Keep it cool and relaxed by placing interesting objects against one another. Smart placements will tie everything together without feeling too manipulated. With today’s modern farmhouse decor, you have the freedom to be creative to mix high and low.

Have the right approach

You would need some time for a country-chic home. But it is all part of the process. Do not rush and enjoy the undertaking of putting things together for your home. Before you know it, you will have a charming farmhouse that will knock the socks off of anyone.