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8 Immunity Boosting Juices To Drink When You are sick

17 junio, 2020

Today, it's more important than ever to boost your immune system. And what's that thing? Our immune system protects us from a lot of infections, and if it isn't strong enough we may fall sick.

The immune system works round the clock, and it is often deciding what cells to attack and what cells to leave alone. This means that for it to be work at the highest level, it needs all the help it can possibly get.

These 8 juices we are going to be looking at are packed with enough nutrients to give a much-needed boost to your system. Drinking them each morning will keep you rejuvenated and allow your body's natural defences to be at their best.

Orange and Grapefruit

A blend of Orange and Grapefruit contains potent doses of vitamins A, B-6, and C. Vitamin C contains antioxidant properties that will protect your cells from the damaging effect of harmful substances. What's more, a lack of vitamin C in the body may lead to delayed wound healing, impaired immune response, and your body may not be able to fight infections properly.

Kale, Celery And Tomato

Not everyone likes Kale, but it does wonders to the body. This blend of Kale, Celery and Tomato provides your body with magnesium, potassium, iron, fatty acids, and Vitamins A and C. This will not only boost your immune system, but it'll also awaken your senses.

Apple, Carrot and Orange

This is the second juice on this list that includes oranges. That's because Oranges are the best source for vitamin C, and vitamin C is amazing for your immune system. Carrots, Apples and Oranges make a blockbuster combination of fruits that will no doubt help your body fight (and win) infections. This blend contains vitamin C, B-6, C, Potassium and Folic acid.

Homemade Tomato Juice

The easiest way to make sure that your tomato juice is fresh and packed with the right ingredients is to make them yourself. So why is this juice great? Well, Tomatoes are rich in folate, and fate lowers your risk of infection by a whole lot. Other notable nutrients contained in tomato juice include iron, folate, vitamins A and C.

Best, Carrot, Ginger And Turmeric

This blend is made up of four ingredients that will help to drastically decrease inflammatory symptoms and boost your immune system. The turmeric and ginger in the blend have anti-inflammatory properties that will benefit people suffering from arthritis.


Watermelon not only helps boost your immune system's response to infection, but it also helps relieve muscle soreness. Since watermelon has a lot of water, it is an easier fruit to juice than other fruits like carrots (carrots are vegetables, though, but you get the point) for example.

Spinach, Lettuce And Kale

There are few things better or more effective than a vegetable-based green juice. To make it stronger, you may have to throw in a handful of parsley for an extra serving of vitamin B-6. This vitamin B-6 will help your body produce more antibodies and will help you in immune cell proliferation.

Mango And Strawberry

A mixture of mango and strawberry isn't only delicious, but it will also help shore up your body's defences. The mango adds antioxidant benefits that will help make your immune system stronger. This particular benefit is especially beneficial for older adults.

Keeping Your Immune System.

While it's great to have a strong immune system, it's also important that you take care to not expose yourself to more bacteria/germs/viruses than necessary. You can do this by following general health advice like washing your hands for twenty seconds with soap and water, avoid touching your face and keeping your distance from others.