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5 Features That Should Be In Your Home Office

17 agosto, 2020

It’s nice to be able to stay at home and work until you realize that you need a decent table and chair and be without distractions. An area where you can still feel professional even if you are wearing loungewear or some other comfortable ensemble. (News alert: You shouldn’t be working in your pajamas because it might put a damper on your productivity. Read this article from the Stylist for more information).


Remote work is poised to be the new working setup. The Office for National Statics (ONS) said that in April 2020, 46.6 percent of people in employment did some work at home. And of those who did some work from home, 86.0 percent did so as a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.


You might be considering doing full-time remote work or still waiting for further advice from your employer when to go back to the office. Either way, you’re stuck at home and pecking away at your computer on your sofa or bed. Those are not ideal workstations because those places were not designed for working in the first place. You might experience body pains if you continue -- which could affect your productivity in more ways than one.


You can do a little furniture reshuffling to make space for a mini workstation. Now that you have precious floor area, don’t forget to incorporate these home office basics:


1. Ergonomic furniture -- This should be a priority in your shopping because these products were designed to provide a comfortable workspace and to increase productivity. For example, your chair must be able to support your back’s natural arch and not force you in a ramrod straight position. Being in an awkward or extreme position for hours could snowball into musculoskeletal disorders.


To further narrow it down, we suggest that you start with the following:

- Ergonomic chair

- Your office chair should let you work without compromising your posture. You should be able to sit in a neutral position -- back straight and relaxed with the knee angled at 90-degrees. Check this brand that offers ergonomic products on the cheap.



- Table

- You have a choice for this -- it’s either you buy a full height adjustable desk or opt for a desk riser so that you could still use your old desk. Why is this important? These desks can allow you to sit and stand on a fly. Prolonged sitting is dubbed as the “new smoking” in that it can take a toll on your physical and mental health. Need more help on what to choose? Don’t worry, Forbes and The Independent have already cherry-picked the best standing desks for you. Read them here and here.


2.  Desk bike - This might be some sort of novelty for some but the desk bikes are fast becoming an added home office furniture. This is because it helps you score your physical goals even at the comfort of your home- nay, even as you are working. This FlexiSpot desk bike is sturdy and stable enough so that you can still type on your laptop and not miss a beat. It has a cushioned bottom so that it won’t make weird noises that can bother your flatmate or neighbor.


3. File cabinets - It’s hard to stay focused when there’s so much clutter lying around. Harvard Business Review explained that a disorganized office can affect your mood, too. The best solution is to buy enough storage for your files. There are various free-standing shelves and wall shelves that you can choose from. If you want something more versatile, check out this mobile drawer that can double as another mini table.


4. Portable outlets -- Your computer, laptop, tablet, and phone all need to be recharged at one point in time. Make sure that you have enough sockets where you can plug them all in. While you’re at it, make sure that you have a cable management equipment so you don’t trip over your cords or wires.


5. Lighting -- If you have a desk near the window, that’s great. Natural light is the most preferred kind but you can also install ambient and task lighting for a more comfortable working space.


Don’t forget to add bells and whistles


Before you buy everything, also consider your kind of aesthetics. Are you a minimalist or more of a bohemian decor lover? Whatever your style is, don’t forget to incorporate your personal touch. You should be in space that inspires and motivates you to get things done with verve.