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Asesoramiento Ergonómico

¿Por qué invertir en la salud de los empleados es invertir en el crecimiento del negocio?

6 ideas para la creación de entornos laborales saludables

¿Son los escritorios de pie útiles para los estudiantes?

Libros relevantes para el curso, artículos para el hogar. Pero ¿qué tal un escritorio nuevo?

farmhouse style

Achieving the farmhouse style for your home

Have you been thinking of redecorating your home? 


Footrest: The Low-Key Accessory That You Need in Your Home Office

Now the question is -- how do you show your care for legs and feet now? 

small space

Design Tips for a Small Space

If you have been watching “Tiny House Nation” on Netflix, you know by now the efficiency of moving into a downsized home.


Multitasking and Desk Bikes

If multitasking is right up your alley, you have a knack for performing many tasks at the same time.


How to Motivate Yourself to Exercise

The pandemic changed fitness across the board. In the first few weeks of the shelter-at-home order, gyms shut down almost immediately. 

Home office color

Tips On Choosing the Right Home Office Color

Oh, colors. There are so many to choose from. They come in different hues and shades. As house paint, colors can relax or instantly brighten up a room.

home office

Five Empowerment Tips for Working Moms Who Stay At Home

When you work remotely, you have the freedom to choose your workstation. Having a flexible workspace is vital to stay productive as you get down to business.

working mom

Five Empowerment Tips for Working Moms Who Stay At Home

A working mom has to juggle many roles while working from home. Read on how to make things a little better when the current situation becomes burdensome.


How to Cope With Work-From-Home Anxiety

Taking care of your mental health while working from home has a significant impact on your personal and work life. You can cope better if you deal with your mental health issues with a healthy approach. 

standing desk

Five Tips for a Healthier Gaming Lifestyle

Gaming requires intense focus and concentration.

standing desk converter

The Best Ways to Work From Home

The flexibility of working from home may be a godsend for you -- at first. 

home office

Five Tips to Consider When Building Your Home Office

The house is a sanctuary for rest. It is where you rest after a long day outside or invite friends for some coffee and snacks. 

an Effective Study Space at Home

How to Create an Effective Study Space at Home

Let’s talk about studying.

managing a business

How to Stay Flexible While Managing a Business

The pandemic has reshaped the workforce landscape.

office chair

3 Things to Consider When Adjusting Your Chair

When it comes to your office chair, the right support is what makes the difference between an effective chair and one that might cause serious damage to your back in the long run. 

office chair

3 Tips for Choosing The Right Ergonomic Office Chair

Finding the perfect office chair might be a little overwhelming.

home office

5 Features That Should Be In Your Home Office

It’s nice to be able to stay at home and work until you realize that you need a decent table and chair and be without distractions.

home office

Top Tips for the Perfect Home Office

With the current global pandemic forcing the majority of us to work from home, having a working and efficient home office could mean the difference between productivity and the sheer lack of it. 

standing desk setup

3 Ergonomic Tips: Work From Home Edition

Working from home or working remotely might have its fair share of advantages such as no longer having to deal with your daily commute or no longer having to spend money on lunch and cooking food at home instead, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t pose it’s own disadvantages as well.

standing desk converter

Top 4 Types of Standing Desk Converters

Standing desk converters are some of the most versatile forms of ergonomics in the market today. 

standing desk

Why Buying a High-Quality Desk Pays Dividends in the Future

Standing desks are a popular home office addition. 

work with exercise balls

Exercise Balls: New Office Chair or Just Another Trend?

With ergonomics on the forefront of innovation in workspaces, different workspaces and office chair trends are popping up everywhere! 

joint pain

5 Tips How to Protect Your Joints

Joint health matters.

UL certified

Importance of Buying UL-Certified Products

Do you buy office furniture online?

standing desk converter

Elegir cuál es el mejor elevador de escritorio para usted

Your heirloom desk is beautiful and close to your heart.

clean the desktop

The Ultimate Guide to Maintain Your Desktop

When it comes to taking care of your desktop, different types of materials mean different cleaning methods and maintenance tips are required.


4 Budget-Friendly Ways to Achieve the Best Workspace

When it comes to designing and upgrading your workspace, it seems like spending a lot of money is a must.

standing desk converter

FlexiSpot popular standing desk converter M2 vs M7

Not all standing desk converters are created equal. When it comes to finding the perfect one for you, there are a number of factors that you should consider. 

Gaming Computer Setup

Core Must-Haves for Every PC Gamer

Explore this quick list on the 4 core accessories every PC gamer should have in their gaming setup. 

This Is How Years of Sedentary Living Can Do to the Body

This Is How Years of Sedentary Living Can Do to the Body

Have you met Emma? No, she’s not your new colleague. 

work on bed

If You Want to Work on Your Bed, Remember These Things

Your alarm rings in the morning but you just find it too hard to jump out of bed.

playing games

Gamer Guide: Why Your Gaming Desk Matters

When it comes to finding the most ideal gaming setup, it can get overwhelming to try and find the right accessories. 

Streamline Your Space

Streamline Your Space With These Storage Tips

Head this way if you want to know how to get more storage for your desk!

Electric Standing Desks

Electric Standing Desks: 3 Reasons You’ll Never Go Back to Crank!

When it comes to ergonomics and standing desks, it can get a little overwhelming with all the different designs and options available in the market. 

Overcome the Negative Effects of Working From Home

How to Overcome the Negative Effects of Working From Home

Those who work from home are more inclined to adopt a sedentary behavior. But you can still escape this silent killer with a few lifestyle changes.

home office

Unique Makeshift Work-From-Home Spaces

The marching order to stay at home has prompted many to work from home. 

monitor mount

The 3 Overwhelming Benefits of Dual Monitors

Are you beginning to get tad tired of switching screens, downloading documents from different files and tabs?